8 Steps To Get Started

Eating clean doesn’ have to be difficult. Take control.

These simple ways will help you slim down, gain energy, and boost your mood in no time.

Unlike all of those fad diets, you won’t be slashing calories, carbs, dairy or sodium. Instead you will be consuming as many whole foods as possible that have undrgone as little processing as possible. Clean eating simpy means choosing foods that don’t have a ton of chemicals, perservatives, & artifical flavors or colors. This in turn automatically increases your intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. While simutaniously decreasing unhealthy fat, added sugar, and excess sodium.

In short clean eating is a simple way to stay lean, healthy, and feel great.



1. Toss a few heavily processed staples.

Start small : eliminate corn oil and soda.

Replace refined breads and pastas made from white flour

with ones made from whole grains.

Congrats: That alone is a huge first step!


2. Clean up the biggest part of your diet.

To keep things simple, figure out where you supply the most calories.

If you’re an omnivore, buy meat that comes from grass fed cattle and

 eggs from pasture raised chickens.

(Helpful hint: Try buying more lean meats such as chicken, fish and turkey)

If you’re a vegetarian, buying more organic produce make more sence.


3. Shop the perimeter.

Most whole, natural foods are on the outside aisles.

Produce, dairy, and meats.The deeper into the aisle you go the more processed it gets. You want things that will spoil. That just means they are fresh, and fresh is best!


4. Read labels.

You CAN stray on the inside aisles. Let’s be honest.

With work, school, and/or family life happenig, it’s not always possible to

make a completely home cooked meal.

We need our shortcuts.

Instead of eliminating all processed foods, look at labels.

The fewer ingredients the better.

Things to aviod : hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors/colors, stabilizers,

preservatives, and added refined sugars


5. Think nutrients.

 Instead of foucing purely on price, try zoneing in on amount of nurtients per product.

Is the price of the food worth the nutrients? If not move on.

Don’t over think it.


6.  Going organic. Not everything HAS to be organic.Yes, organic items will be cleanest. Still that doesn’t mean you have to eat strictly organic.A normal banana will still be healthier than that candy bar and will save you a little money too.



7.Cook more meals at home. 

This one will potentially save you some money. Yes, please!To make home cooking simple you can master a few one-pot or pan recipes.They can save you time and feed a family for days.Not only will cooking at home save you time and money, you will alsoapprciate and enjoy your meals more. Bring the whole family in on it. Give them jobs : chop, stir, set the table.


8. Follow the 80-20 rule.

Most eating plans get abandoned when they become obsessive.

Clean eating is no different. Take a 80-20 approach to avoid the trap.

Try eating healthy 80% of the time and leave open a 20% spurlging window.

You deserve it! Wether it be when traveling, socailizing, or you simply just can’t.

 It’s ok.

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