How To Conquer Cleaning


Creating a cleaning schedule for overwhelmed moms.

Are you stressed out and completely overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done in your house each day. Do you ask yourself, why do I even bother? Yeah, me too!

I love a clean house but, we all know how quickly things can fall apart. I’ve seen all those printables, and organizing templates out there. They are awesome. The problem tough is that they aren’t tailored to my personal needs.

Not everyone else’s schedules work for me, and that’s ok. I decided to figure out how to make a simple, yet complete, cleaning schedule that fits my family life.


I have two  kids under three years old. One just starting to crawl so things like vaccuming daily are nessacary. However, deep cleaning my entire house each month just isn’t in the cards for me.

I want to keep a tidy home. I would just rather spend my time doing arts n’ crafts or  building blocks than scrubbing toilets. The toilets will still be there in 20 years, but all the little memories will be long gone.

In order to keep my house tidy, I followed these steps to create a simple schedule that works for me and my family right now. I hope you are able to find a balance between family life and cleaning by using these tips to create a simple schedule that works for you too.


4 Steps to Conquer Cleaning

1. Prioritize 

Figure out what is most important to you. What’s important to me, may not be important to you! All of us have different homes, different heavy traffic areas, different children, and on and on.

Dishes and vacuuming are two of my  top priorities. I find that when my kitchen gets messy, the rest of my house starts to fall apart. So i try to do them first thing in the morning, right after that first cup of coffee of course. vacuuming is also nessacary because my son is at that stage where everything goes straight in the mouth and we spend a lot of time on the floor.  Plus we have a dog so it keeps the hair at bay.

Two other tasks at the top of my priority list: laundry and bathrooms. I have two children and a husband. If I don’t stay on top of the laundry it gets completely out of hand. Admittedly I get lazy and leave it in the dryer,  which is counter productive. Every day I try to wipe down the sinks, toilets and empty the cans. My oldest just conquered potty training but it gets messy and boys live here.

Figure out what your main priorities are and put them at the top of your list!

2. Clear out the Clutter and Keep it Away

Keeping the clutter under control can be huge in keeping a tidy home. I regularly purge about every other month. Things tend to accumulate and fast.  If i haven’t seen/used it in a while ( including the kids’ toys) I donate it to someone else or to the local thrift stores. Less is best.

Pro tip:  To keep away clutter,  keep a consignment/donation bin in your home.  Every time you find something that doesn’t fit, is starting to wear out, or  just don’t use anymore, I toss it in! When the bin starts to get full,  take it to your local consignment store. No major de-clutter sessions needed!

3. Make a limited list

Rather than try to schedule your life around your cleaning, schedule your cleaning around your life. If you have littles running around, a perfect home is probably not your biggest priority. Keep your “must do” list short and sweet. I created 3 lists of “must do’s” – a daily list, a weekly list, and a monthly list. Here are my lists:

Daily ( Hubs tackels the garbage duties )

  • Dishes
  • Make beds
  • Empty laundry bins (wash as needed)
  • Wipe Down Bathrooms
  • Prep Dinner
  • Vacuum


  • Mop Floors
  • Change Sheets
  • Meal Plan
  • Groom Dog
  • Clean Out Fridge


  • Dust Furniture/fans
  • Clean Glass
  • Change Air Filter
  • Clean Out Car
  • Deep Clean Bathrooms
  • Vaccuming behind furniture/coushions

My cleaning schedule is a Mon – Fri routine. Our Saturdays are usually reserved for family outings and quility time so we slack off on the daily duties. My husband also helps with the kids on weekends. This gives me time to get some of my  weekly/monthly  tasks done on Sundays or  sometimes we have a “Lazy Days”. Then i just pick right back up on monday morning.


4. Complete your routine.

Take your daily tasks and separate them into time slots.

I do dishes/laundry  first thing in the morning. They have time to dry and i put them away before preparing dinner so they don’t get out of hand. I usually vaccume right before bath time after everyone has eaten and it’s time to settle down. When i know the least amount of messes will occur. I also have a dust buster to help keep things off the floor throughout the day.

Find what works best for you,  around your schedule.


Finish each task completely. It would be a dream to finish a task before moving onto another, but as a mom that’s just not always possible! A toddler needs a snack, a baby needs to be nursed, a dog spills his water bowl all over the kitchen floor. We get interrupted. It’s the life of a mom.

However, I always try to complete everything I started before I go to bed. This keeps piles down, laundry baskets empty, and our home just a little tidier.

It’s not perfect, but it’s what works for me.

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