Hi, my name is Brit.  I’m the creator of Eat Clean Stress Less.

It all started when me and hubs had  welcomed our first daughter into the world. We both worked, took care of the baby, & kept up with the house. We had our hands full. Fast forward two years later and our son has arrived. Two cesarians later i got my tubes tied. I couldn’t imagine life without these tiny humans but i knew they were enough. Our family is complete with our two little ones, and I feel so lucky to be their mama.

With that said, having two small children under two years old is no joke. ( kuddos to you ladies with 2+). Me and hubs had equally let go of ourselves to focus entirely on our children, as do most if not all new parents. At the time we were trying to stretch every dollar because well babies are expensive. Needless to  say fast food was cheap, easy, and kids love chicken nuggets.  So one day a little after new years, we agreeed it was time to pull back the reigns a little. We weren’t haveing any more children and I was completely healed up. It was time to start makeing healthier choices.

I didn’t really know where to even begin. I’m not a fan of all those crazy fad diets or meal replacements. I love food!  So i  did some digging (pintrest). I learned more about clean eating and i knew it was the best alternative for us. I needed all the energy i could get and after two babies I wasn’t sad to see a couple pounds go as well.  Plus,  there weren’t a ton of resrictions or strict rules to follow. All of the fresh fruit and veggies, I couldn’t wait. Hubs wasn’t as thrilled in  the begining, but he quickly came around.

This is Eat Clean Stress Less emphasizing quick workouts, quick recipes and adventures as a wife and mom.